Femdom facesitting and cock and balls trampling

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Make sure you check out this femdom scene as it is among the true male humiliation porn nuggets that you will never forget. Get ready to feast your eyes on two insanely gorgeous chicks who know how to control a guy completely. It is not just about pain and the girls do everything to break his spirit. They take it to extremes with one of them sitting on his face while the other one is using her high heels to trample his cock and balls and make him suffer.

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Caning and pissing femdom action

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This scene is pure gold for any fan of male humiliation porn. The guy does not even dream in what kind of femdom pain he is going to find himself, but it soon becomes very apparent. The girls cane him so much that he almost faints and then they stuff his face up their asses. They jerk him off and then stop just when he is close to an orgasm. Then, this male humiliation scene takes a real nasty turn as the girls pee all over him and bathe him in their sweet golden rain.

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Strict dommes have tons of fun

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These girls do not do femdom for money. They love it and they love every day that they can have a nice slave for some male humiliation. Today, they hit a femdom jackpot and find a sexy jock who is put to a test. The girls make him undress and then they make him work out as they ride him, cane him and make him lick their assholes clean. They are also sure that their shoes are kept squeaky clean by his tongue as he does pushups. These girls do male humiliation real hard.

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Femdom sluts work over a guy

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When a guy does not know a thing about male humiliation and gets involved in a scene with these two femdom sluts, he is in for a surprise. This guy thought that these girls are too hot to be tough, but they are not. The girls show their male humiliation skills as they turn him into an obedient dog who has to suck on their perfect titties and their dripping wet snatches. He also needs to do his best in order to avoid severe caning by licking their high heels clean.

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You can cry, but the femdom mistresses don’t stop

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This guy has never even heard of femdom before this scene, but he has sure learned the ropes here. He is having to endure the hardest male humiliation in the world as these babes take pleasure from torturing him and putting his young body to the test. One of them sits on him as he is forced to do pushups and to lick the other femdom slut’s shoes when he goes down. You can see him shed a few tears, but these girls just do not with male humiliation stop on account of a few tears.

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